BOYATT Aluminium lamp


Aluminium lamp

« The BOYATT lamp is now part of the PRATIKA INTRANO collection ! »

A new name, new finishes and new supplies for this lamp, which has been sold on behalf of its owner since 2002 and is made of Hand spun aluminium: a craft technique that requires great skill.

Made in one piece, several operations are necessary to give BOYATT its final shape from the aluminium disc. The deformed material then dresses the light source with a design of pure lines and strong geometry.

The fluidity of the shape, combined with the manufacturing details, provides a warm, punctual ambient light.

The lamp is certified to CE standards.

CHF 480.00
Delivery time 2 to 3 weeks

Product sheet
Hand spun aluminium
Black anodization
Ø18 x H26 cm


Proper use and maintenance are essential to make the most of our valuable resources. Our models are designed to last, but they need a little care to do so.

Anodised aluminium
When anodising aluminium, we obtain a very durable surface that will not chip or crack and protects against wear and tear.

Cleaning and maintenance
We recommend that you use a microfibre cloth to clean the dust that has accumulated on the lampe.
For regular maintenance, first clean with a mild solution (Marseille soap), then dry thoroughly. Do not use alcohol or abrasive products that could damage the surface.

Not dishwasher safe.


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