TABOERA Oak stool


Oak stool

« TABOERA is a stool and small side table inspired by the old "upright" farm stools, its structure is reduced to the essentials and its adapted crossbeam is used as a surface storage space. »

TABOERA can be used both in your entrance hall to help you put on your shoes, and next to your bed to put your bedside books.

Made of oiled solid oak, it is mounted on four synthetic glides which ensure good stability and prevent it from marking the most delicate floors.

CHF 680.00

Product sheet
Solid oak
Treatment with natural oil
W39 x H45 x D35 cm


Proper use and maintenance are essential to make the most of our valuable resources. Our models are designed to last, but they need a little care to do so.

A species renowned for its nobility and robustness, it has the advantage of guaranteeing a local origin. We only use hard, healthy and solid wood that our craftsmen work with all the knowledge and specific characteristics that are linked to the product. The selected trees are felled at 80% during the full moon, mainly in the cold season.
As wood is a natural and renewable material, each object is therefore unparalleled and has different veins, knots and colours.

Cleaning and maintenance
Avoid placing your furniture in direct sunlight and always keep at least 30 cm away from a heat source. As wood is a natural material, it will change colour and acquire a patina over time.
Flower pots and other damp objects should not be placed on top of wooden surfaces to avoid stains and stains. Always remove stains promptly before they can cause permanent damage to the furniture. A clean, white, damp cotton cloth will do the trick.
Never use cleaning products or chemical additives, abrasives or strippers. We recommend that you refresh the furniture approximately every 6 months with a suitable oil. Make sure to soak all cleaning cloths and sponges soaked in oil after use and dispose of them properly, as there is a high risk of self-ignition (follow the instructions of the cleaning product).

The wood shrinks and expands depending on the temperature and humidity of the air, which can lead to minor dimensional differences.
Do not use a laptop on a wooden surface continuously. It is preferable to place an electrical appliance on an insulating mat.


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